What readers are saying ...

"I loved every moment of reading this book ..."
"This satire is so smart! So funny! H. Claire Taylor made me laugh out loud at our struggles and confusion—better known as the human condition."
"This book had me cracking up, laughing, and even crying from laughter throughout the entire story. The writing is TOP NOTCH..."
"This is H. Claire Taylor at the top of her game--wickedly funny, insightful without being the slightest bit preachy, but mostly the funny part."

Jessica McCloud is God’s only begotten daughter, and she’s not super thrilled about that. Sure, she can smite and she knows juicy gossip about folks in her tiny West Texas town, but that’s about where the perks stop. Because add an overbearing Father and a handsome shyster with a knack for founding churches to the already tricky mix of girlhood and puberty, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for ultimate humiliation.