Kilhaven Police

A new series from H. Claire Taylor and Brock Bloodworth

Fans of Archer and True Blood will love this over-the-top paranormal cop comedy.

A rookie cop, a werewolf bitch, and a slew of stank-nasty shifters. 
Welcome to Kilhaven.

Rookie Officer Norman Green is a small-town human living in a big city of paranormal beings. Fresh out of the Kilhaven Police Academy, he’s got a lot to learn about the violent and filthy side of law enforcement. Luckily, Green has field training officer Heather Valance to show him how things are done. And sometimes how they should never be done.

She may not always play by the rules, but what Officer Valance lacks in decorum, she makes up for with being one terrifying werewolf bitch. Which is great when things go south in a heavily shapeshifter sector. But it’s not so great when it comes to Green’s looming board review that will determine whether he stays or goes after his probationary period.

As long as Green can win over Valance—and not get himself or anyone else killed—he just might make it through his rookie year …

If you’re hungry for a heaping pile of police procedural with a sloppy side of paranormal creatures and a sprinkle of vulgar jokes, buy Shift Work to satisfy your unhealthy cravings.

About this series...

H. Claire Taylor cowrites this series with Brock Bloodworth. It's got the dark humor you've come to expect from H. Claire Taylor mixed with Brock's taste for action and gore. It's like a hilarious train wreck you can't look away from with characters and scenes that'll stick with you for years.