Limited time. Limited Quantity.

Jessica Christ Autographed Copies



Been Waiting for signed copies?

THEY’RE here.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been game for doing this for a while, but I wasn’t all about turning my living space into a storage facility and fronting a ton of cash for copies I might not sell for years.

Enter: my brain. Yep, that’s right. I used my brain and I produced a solution.

That solution is this:


You must order by November 10th and pay up front (major credit cards and PayPal accepted), so I know exactly how many of each to order and will have the money ahead of time.

I know I said “limited quantity” in the headline, but that was just to get your blood pumping. I’ll sell as many of these as you’re willing to buy. Seriously, I’m not in the business of turning down money.

If for some reason I can’t deliver the signed copies—I lose the use of both my hands (and feet; I have incredibly dextrous toes), the United States devolves into chaos (more than it already has), I end up living out this recurring nightmare I have where I can’t find a pen no matter what—of course I’ll refund your money.

But wait! There’s even cooler shit!

If you buy a signed bundle of the first five books, I’ll ship the 6th one to you (signed) for free as soon as print versions are available.

For now (and probably for a very long time), that’s the only way to get a signed version of the 6th book. You can’t buy it separately. See what I did there?

I mean, you probably want all five books anyway, so might as well get another tossed in there for free, right?

Ready to shop?