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Want FREE copies of my books before they're available to buy? Then the Collective Task Force (CTF) is your hookup! 

Here's how it works ☟

  • Join by clicking the Sign Me Up! button below. 
  • Once the book is back from the editor, but before it's available to buy on Amazon, you'll receive an email with a link to a free advance copy to download for your e-reader. 
  • You read the book before release day (I'm a real hard ass about this)
  • On the book's release day, CTF members are expected to:
    1. Have finished reading the damn thing
    2. Leave a review on Amazon.com
    3. Recommend the book/series via social media to friends who might like it.
    4. BONUS: If you love the book, buy a copy from Amazon (or download for free with Kindle Unlimited). Amazon lists "Verified Purchase" reviews first. 

That's it! I give you a free book, you give me help that money can't buy (well it can, but that's unethical).

You know you want to.