What service is right for you?

Editing is a multistep process, and until you've written at least your first million words, you're not even close to being able to skip steps. The most common issue editors face is being handed a manuscript to copyedit or proofread only to discover there are massive inconsistencies in character and plot that haven't been addressed in a developmental edit. And the most common issue authors face is figuring out what the f*** each editing phase is called and what it includes. It's true; there are so many different terms thrown around with no clear definition that even editors get confused sometimes. Okay, a lot.

So here are the services I offer. Read through to figure out where your manuscript falls (be honest!) and learn more about the service. 


"I've written my beats, but I want to make sure they're solid before writing the first draft."

Beats are a way of outlining your story that doesn't make you want to figure out where to procure a lethal dose of hemlock nowadays. The can look a lot of ways, but mostly it's a series of paragraphs that describe the action and purpose of each scene in your story. They're descriptive enough so that someone else could look at them and write a book pretty similar to the one you're imagining. If you're not writing beats for your story, oh my god, you should. Makes it so much easier. Read more about beats here. 

This package includes an in-depth review of your beats, in-text comments on them, and a summary of my main suggestions for meeting reader expectations for the genre and generally taking your story to the next level. Optional add-on: Skype call with me to discuss feedback and brainstorm solutions.

Price: $ (see pricing)

Story development

"I've written my first draft, but I want feedback on where to add, remove, or tweak before I head into revisions and cleaning it up."

The story is clear in your mind, and the characters are all properly motivated, and the plot makes perfect sense, right? Sure. To you. But every writer forgets to mention important information that readers might like or need to know. Or maybe you just screw up and forget that the character was wearing a dress three seconds ago, but now she's dusting off her jeans. Or maybe your story feels boring in a couple places and you don't know why or how to change it. That happens. No biggie. But you need a developmental edit before you can even start to worry about grammar, punctuation, and sentence flow. 

This package includes an in-depth review of your story with an eye for consistency of plot, characters, and details; suggestions for issues that arise; and a summary of main areas to focus on in revisions. It does not focus on grammar, punctuation, or sentence flow. The human brain can't effectively focus on all of that at once. 

Price: $$$ (see pricing)


"I've handled all the holes in my plot and my development of conflict is solid. I need someone to help my sentences flow better and correct my grammatical errors."

The story is airtight, but maybe you didn't study English in college, or you did and weren't paying attention, but either way, grammar, spelling, and sentence flow aren't your forté. You need someone who knows the Chicago Manual of Style better than you know your own family, who can swoop in, whip all your dialogue into shape and make sure you don't echo yourself over and over and over... Sounds like you're ready for a copyedit. 

This package includes a full edit of your manuscript according to the Chicago Manual of Style, in-line grammar and spelling changes (where it's a clear call) and suggestions for increasing sentence-level clarity and flow. It does not include any developmental suggestions whatsoever. Because this package includes a single pass of your manuscript, the cleaner the manuscript is upon submitting, the fewer mistakes will go unnoticed. This is not a proofread. Once you receive feedback and accept or ignore the suggestions, only then are you ready for a proofread. 

Price: $$-$$$ (see pricing)


"My manuscript is polished and ready to go!"

Hold up there. No, it's not. If you haven't had someone give it a final pass after you've made changes post-copyedit, then you're about to publish it with mistakes. Maybe even lots of them. A proofread doesn't make suggestions, but rather fixes the things that are definitely incorrect. 

I don't offer proofreads because I don't like doing them. Sorry?



Basic package: $400
*Add-on* Phone or Skype call: $50

Developmental Edit & Copyedit

Because the state of each manuscript can vary so widely in the amount of work that it needs at each stage, I simply can't give a flat rate. That would be crazy. But once I take a look at a sample 1,000-word sample of your manuscript, I can provide a quote that won't overcharge you or underpay me. 

Want a quote? Contact me at claire@hclairetaylor.com with your name, a little about your story, and the editing package you're interested in, and we'll go from there. Please don't send your writing sample in the introduction email.