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The Beginning
Jessica Christ 1

God's daughter is starting school. Lord help her.

God's second child is born. 

It's a girl. 

Can she survive her West Texas upbringing?

A Great Gulf
Jessica Christ 1.5

Beaches be crazy. 

Jessica and Destinee take a trip to the Texas coast in this short story. 

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And It Was Good
Jessica Christ 2

The world wants a savior. God's daughter wants a vacation. 

As Jessica starts high school, she's tasked with a little extra homework: start performing miracles. 

Unfortunately, she has no heavenly idea what those miracles will be.

It's a Miracle!
Jessica Christ 3

It'll take a miracle for Jessica to graduate high school.

Miracles happen when you least expect them. And if you’re Jessica, when you least want them.

Is an uneventful senior year of high school too much for her to hope for?

Nu Alpha Omega
Jessica Christ 4

Watch out! There's a new messiah on campus. 

As Jessica welcomes the anonymity of college life, she grapples with a question weightier for her than for most: Does God really exist after all?

It is Risen
Jessica Christ 5

Let there be adulting.

Post-collegiate life in Austin is going as well as Jessica McCloud had expected, meaning it’s exhausting and lonely and she’s mega broke. 

Can she get her business off the ground?