Kilhaven Police

A rookie cop in a city of shifters. He may not have fangs or claws… but he’s got a badge.

In a precinct jam-packed with paranormal officers, newbie cop Norman Green is pint-sized, nose blind, and relatively hairless. And if being human wasn’t enough of a shot in the foot, his training officer, Heather Valance, can’t stand the sight—or the smell—of him. If he doesn’t find a way to win the short-tempered werewolf over soon, his career will be dead on arrival.

As Norman follows Officer Valance deeper into the big city’s seedy underbelly, he’s desperate to prove that not all fuzz have to be fuzzy. Almost by accident, the outmatched human uncovers a deep-seated conspiracy at the scene of a gruesome murder. When the pursuit of justice blurs the boundaries between right and wrong, Norman must decide whether exposing the scandal is worth risking his job… and his life.

Shift Work and Same Old Shift are the first two books in the edgy Kilhaven Police paranormal cop series. If you like urban fantasy cityscapes, bawdy humor, and unflinching depictions of law enforcement, then you’ll love Brock Bloodworth’s visceral tale.

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About this series...

H. Claire Taylor cowrites this series with Brock Bloodworth. It's got the dark humor you've come to expect from H. Claire Taylor mixed with Brock's taste for action and gore. It's like a hilarious train wreck you can't look away from with characters and scenes that'll stick with you for years.