Wimbledon, Kentucky

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Laurel Sapphire’s dinner parties have never been a big hit until, during the course of polite conversation, her guests discover that it never warmed up after the winter and it’s now the middle of August. For Wimbledon, Kentucky, this is an anomaly, and when the realization spreads to the rest of the world, which is also downright chilly, Laurel finds herself in a tough situation as the first unanimous decision ever reached by the world’s national governments is announced: Wimbledon, Kentucky, is directly responsible for solving the global cooling crisis. 

Laurel quickly decides that the only way to even begin to attempt this feat is to assemble an all-star dinner party of the best minds of Wimbledon, in hopes that they can find a solution to the world’s problem. 

But does the world really want a solution? And what amount of action would people truly be willing to take to save the planet from the next ice age?

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